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Looking at my blog today, I have decided to add pages tabs for things I want to add updates to.  The whole premise of creating my blog revolved around my vintage travel trailer so that will be the first page link.  Welcome "Camper Love.....".  It makes more sense to keep any updates within easy reach and by having the new page link tabs at the top of my blog it feels more instinctual to click on a titled tab.  I hope this works out better for my readers.  So, here we go...

Spring Renovations Begin

Just like I said I was planning on doing....I took out the drop down table.  It feels so much roomier now without that heavy thing!  Even though the table was original to the vintage camper, I chose to eliminate it for ease of use of this space as well as adding some new antique items in its place.  Photos will follow, I promise.  In the meantime though, here's a few more shots of the beginning of the renovation...

On the advice of a fellow "glamper", I bought Zinnsers 1-2-3 primer to do the cupboard doors.  This was just the first coat.  See the ceiling?....from "vintage" water damage came bubbling of the original vinyl ceiling.  I tore it down above the dining space and painted the rough laminate with a hideous flesh color paint that I had on hand (don't ask me what for....I have no idea!).  The white stripe in the middle of that hideous color is the original spacer.  I plan to remove that in preparation of installing my home made faux tin tiles. 
Made from a disposable aluminum cookie sheet.  First one up, 18 more to go!
 By the end of the day I felt pretty good how just a few coats of primer on just the doors and cupboard doors brightened up the space.  I am eager to get back to it and decide on wall covering as well.

Until then...


Which oh which color should I go with??  I've been wracking my brain all week long!  I've got one more week to think on it.  I am leaning toward creamy whites only because the many different deco options with fabrics and such can be changed up much easier with a neutral backdrop.  Only time will tell! :)  Happy Friday everyone!!

MAY 28th, 2014

Hey all!!  I am back online and feeling like posting a bit o news....I got mucho done this past weekend in Clara Belle.  Looking back at my last comment in this page I realized that the "color" is pretty much falling into play all on its own.  After taking out the original drop down table, I put in a cute little spindle leg side table and am loving it.  All those curtains I bought and washed look fabulous as well. is good in the camper.

 Got a start on stenciling the screen door.
Life's a trip!

July 2014...did a few more things in Clara Belle
The screen paint job was started on the original
screen.  I wasn't happy with it.  I ended up
buying new screen and this is the end result...

glamped up the awning a bit...

finished the bead board

Brought the curtain in tighter
by putting the brackets on the
window frame.  They were
originally mounted far out on
the wall.  It looks much better
this way I think.

I still need to re-do the cushion
covers.  I am thinking a fine blue and
yellow striped pattern to compliment
the blue and yellow floral curtains.

We were expecting guests so I thought I'd switch out the white bedspread for this pretty floral one and adorn
the area with the lace curtains.  The teacup topper won't be staying there....that was just for added lace for my guests.

Dining al fresco on marinated steak tips,
 yellow squash with sweet vadalia onion,
new potatoes and pinot noir.

Best ending to a wonderful day!

August 17, 2014.....
Color update

Always a work in progress, but I am liking the country yellow for the kitchen area.
I am so ready to get back to work on my glamping up of Clara Belle!   I can hardly contain myself!  All this week, I went second hand shopping and have a tiny hoard of items ready to hang and adorn her interior with.  Here's a sample of what I've collected recently...

Wonderful fabric to cover the cushions with,
  and my tiny tea light it!
I did pick up a few more things but didn't photo them yet.  Soon!
Until then...
Happy Glamping! 

Battery operated tea lite
gives off a 
nice warm glow... 
Tin look back splash... 
 Sewing my new cushion covers with 
a nice cool breeze
to keep me comfy...
Here they are....I like them. 
 Not perfect, but they sure are better than before...

Planted my door flowers...

May days are here...
 my home made tin tile ceiling is finished!
 cupboard painted white...finished!

I love spring time to do's getting done!
Another white paint day...

 I'm leaning toward the all white kitchen after my inspirational Nora Pearl...what do you think?

Update 8-1-15
Feeling better with all white cabinets...


 Dinette bed (I took a nap!)
I hid the hideous flesh color on the inside of the door, too.


Spyder said...

when stenciling on the screen did you lay it flat( horizontal) doin it? What kind of paint? So cute!!!

Gail Mitchell said...

Hi Spyder, I laid it flat on a piece of cardboard and clothes pinned it so it would stay in place. Then, right after the first coat, I hung it on the line outside with clothes pins as weights for about ten minutes and finished a second coat the same way only on 2nd coat I didn't need the stencil. I used acrylic craft paints. Thank you for commenting!

Spyder said...

Love it!