Monday, February 16, 2015

Frigid February

February.....the month winter here is at its worst, or best.  The month that is notoriously famous for frigid temperatures and lots and lots of snow.  We here in New England are adaptable creatures.  We conform to the seasons.  We ski, we hike, we snowshoe, we swim, we sun bathe. We sometimes complain, but we
live here nonetheless.  Is it because of the ever changing seasons?  We know the next season is right on the heels of this one.  We get the cream of the crop...all four glorious seasons.  And yet we complain. The two on the top of that complaint  list are winter and summer.  They can be extreme.  But, with all the crying and moaning about shoveling the path yet another time, dusting off the car and letting it warm up before driving away, or having to dress in layers because it is in the teens, we still love it here.  I know I do.  It's what I know.  It's what I grew up with.  It's where I live.  Sure, I admit...I've complained about how cold my toes are or of the unbearable summer humidity.  It comes with the territory....literally!
And we all know we can't change mother nature.  We can only choose to move to a different place to escape the wrath of winter or the scorn of summer.  I don't.  I choose to stay right where I am and even if I cry and complain a bit that my toes are cold, I will still bundle up in layers and take a walk outside to breathe in all this beauty that is February in New England.

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