Monday, December 5, 2016

Harlow's Pub.....

By recommendation of our friends at Field and Forest Recreation in Harrisville, NH, my husband and I stopped in for lunch at Harlow's Pub in Peterborough, NH on Saturday.  The minute we walked in, we knew this was
our kind of place.  Not only did it smell divine, it was a visual feast as well!  Memorabilia from ceiling to floor.  Lights and gadgets, signs and such.  We wished we could have hung out there the entire day.  This is the perfect spot for a burger and beer or soup and salad.  It is children friendly with a toy filled nook up in the musicians stage area.  Yes, they have live music!  Such a fun stop.  We will be back, for sure.

Check out their website at Harlow's Pub


Anonymous said...

My kinda place the Mom & Pop places.

Gail Mitchell said...

Definitely agree with your thoughts! Thanks for commenting Greg! ;)