Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Clara Belle"...

my inspiration photo from Pinterest 

Although it is still winter time and not camper renovation time, I feel the strongest urge today to write this post.  It is in sweet
memory of my husbands grand mother who is always with me in memory.
When I decided to renovate my camper trailer, I had the name already picked out in my head.  I wanted to complete this renovation before I divulged her new name to anyone...keeping it a secret until the unveiling.  Well, I feel the desire to jump the gun now.

My camper is near and dear to my heart, much like she was and still is.  I envision all kinds of light colors and airy linens that make you smile when you see them. 
All things pretty and a few things witty.  All these things remind me of her.  This is why my camper will be aptly named "Clara Belle" (i always called her that).   Thank you dear Clara, and Happy Birthday". 

...and when it comes time for this re-do....I will be posting an update with photos.   :)

...until then

first photo courtesy of Pinterest

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Beth said...

I love the name you have chosen for your trailer :) What a lovely way to honor your husband 's grandmother. I will look through my stash of "light and airy things" and find a little something for CB. Any preferred colors? I have tons of linens and vintage table cloths...
Happy trails,

Gail Mitchell said...

Aww...that is so sweet and thoughtful of you Beth. :) I have collected some linens (see pic) and it appears I am leaning towards the French country style of blue and yellow. Clara loved butterflies.
Happy trails to you as well.

Mary Thayer said...

Ahh.. my sweet Niece, you are so true to your word. I remember the day you told me what you wanted to name your camper Clara Bell in honor of Mom. Mom adored you as well, she always thought of you as one of her granddaughters. I'm sure she was smile down on you and Jerry the day you wed. I will look forward to more pictures. Mom did love Butterflies, every time I see one floating by I think of the Mamma. Love you lots (Auntie) Mary

Gail Mitchell said...

Thank you so much (Aunty)Mary! That means the world to me.

Sorry I missed you at the shop the other day. You must have been busy, huh? Happy Friday, and thank you so so much for commenting.

Anonymous said...

I had an Aunt Clara.............died of a massive coronary at 48...........but I hear tell........she had quite a lot of fun before that fateful day!