Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is it camper fixer upper time yet??

I am so very anxious to get working on the re-do of my 1973 Atco travel trailer.  She doesn't "travel" any more, although she is capable.  She is more of a "guest house".  I just love her and cannot wait to roll up my sleeves and get going on fixing her up.  

I think my first project will be to remove the drop down table.  I have a really cute spindle leg side table that I fixed up and it will fit perfectly right under the front windows.
Once the drop table is out of my way I hope to get prepping the walls for a nice bright coat of sunshine.  I found this neat product that is referred to as liquid sandpaper.  This will take a lot of time and elbow grease out of the painting project.

Once that is done, I can switch out the curtains and add all the dainty touches that I think will jewel her right up.  Stay tuned......spring is right around the corner!



Beth said...

Hi Gail!
You sound like me, just waiting for good old spring to arrive. Unfortunately, I think I may have to wait a while. Environment Canada is predicting a cold, snowy March :(
I think you will like your little camper with a new table. I have seen some like that on Pinterest and they were so cozy looking. I left my table " as is" because we still tow our camper once or twice a summer.
Happy trails,

Beth said...

Me again...
Here's the camper I was thinking of.
Just love her little table tucked in there...
(Aug. 25, 2012 post)

Gail Mitchell said...

Hi Beth,
I do love the farm girl's new digs in her Shasta. Wow!!
My table will sit lengthwise right up against the "bow" so there's room for legs to lounge on the bench seats, and room on the table for a beverage and snacks. Then, when it needs to be a bed, I think the table will fit lying down on the floor under the plywood bridge for the foam bedding to go down on. We shall see! Thanks for your comments...I too appreciate them on my blog. Fingers crossed that Old Man Winter gets a move on outta here!

Anonymous said...

this has been the biggest "corner" I've ever waited to go "round!!!!!!!!!!!
You ideas sound great! Can't wait to see.