Sunday, February 9, 2014

Venice, RI.....

Venice....the restaurant in Rhode Island, that is! 

If there is one restaurant in our area that we are always drawn back to, it is this one.  The food, the atmosphere and the people are perfection.

Last night, as most all visits to Venice, we dined in the Sky Box lounge.  I enjoy this area because of the views of Block Island.  The windows in the Sky Box are huge and offer everyone in the place a front row seat.  There are several large screen TV's to watch your favorite sport, and we did get to see a bit of the Olympians in action. 
Dinner was scrumptious....king cut prime rib and shrimp risotto.
The only thing I wished I had ordered was a nice biscotti and hot tea to end my meal!  Thanks for that inspiration going out to the lovely people dining next to us!

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