Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Comments conundrum...

Ok, you all know how much I love to blog....I've told you a hundred times...I've tried to get you to come on over and read all my posts...I've convinced a handful to subscribe via email to get notified when I do write a new post.  A million thank you's to you all for that.  I sincerely appreciate you putting up with all my trial and error here.  I do.  That being said......I would like to help you in the comments conundrum you all seem to be in.  Understandably so!  It is too cumbersome to attempt to "simply" leave your comment.  Well, hopefully, if you are reading this, you will want to learn how to leave a comment...."simply".

Here's how it goes.....
  • At the end of each one of my posts (like this one) you will see the words, "POST A COMMENT:"  (you know you want to!) and just under that you'll see a nice white space with the words, "enter  your comment"....this is where you tell me how much you love what I post and can't wait to read more and more and how you look forward to every story.....ok, I'll stop here.
  • Then comes the tricky "do I select this or that?" part....that scary phrase; "Comment as".... fear not....you have options.  Choosing your option will work best if you are sitting in front of your computer, and not walking in the mall trying to comment on your smart phone.  Please don't do that!!  You may trip and fall into an indoor gold fish pond and all the other mall goers will be using their smart phones to video your moment to post it on YouTube as soon as they can hit the share button.
  • To see your options, open the drop down menu just to the right of these two words "Comment as".....(the little square button with an arrow pointing downward is the drop down menu).  Here is where you need to make your choice of who you want to comment as..................(stop biting your nails!)
  • Options are as follows:
  1. LiveJournal
  2. WordPress
  3. TypePad
  4. AIM
  5. Open ID
  6. Name/URL
  7. Anonymous 
Now, unless you are a blogger yourself, you probably won't be choosing 1,2,3 or 6.  These are for you if you have websites built on each particular platform shown.   #4 is AIM....if you have an AOL Instant Messenger account, enter it as they show you in the example: http://openid.aol.com/username.  I tried this one, but it spit back an "edit" on me, so...not sure what I did wrong there.
If I were you, the commenter, and didn't have a website or a webpage, I would choose the Open ID option (#5).  Here, you can simply put your first name in the first box and then your email address in the second box.  I recently tried this with my cousin as my guinea pig and it worked.  "Thanks Debbie".  The last one (#7) is "Anonymous".....and that just sounds lonely....so, try not to have to use that one.  If you must use it, please leave your name in the comment so I know it is you.  Good luck, and I hope to see many comments from everyone. :) 

 Thank you, and goodnight.


Stephanie Wood said...

Hey there Lady!! I never post a comment because I always get your blog right in my email. There isn't a comment section that way!! I will try and be better about getting into the actual web based blog. Hugs and kisses, your Seesta, in CO!!!

Gail Mitchell said...

I know...it sometimes can be confusing. I appreciate the fact that you attempted and succeeded in leaving a comment right here. Thank you seesta in CO. xoxo

Gail Marie said...

I didn't forget about this issue...I'm still experimenting from behind the curtain...