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Friday, March 1st, 2013

This weekend was super special for me.  I had the opportunity to spend some quality time visiting with my two sisters.  One who lives ten minutes from me, and one who lives more than half way across the country.  We only had a very short period of time, but we made the very best of it.

I started out by picking up Carolyn first so we could both arrive to greet Stephanie at the train station.  Her train was to arrive at 5pm.  I got a call from Steph around that time telling me she was safely off the train so we picked her up and after a few minutes of hugs and kisses, we headed out to dinner.  Ah...dinner.  I love to eat and because we are on the seacoast, I thought what better place to dine than The Dog Watch Cafe in Stonington CT.  It was a great choice.  While waiting for our culinary delights to arrive, we never stopped talking about memories, moments and moms.  When our smorgasbord of greatness from the sea arrived at our table, we were so delighted!  We had clams casino, calamari, scallops in bacon, coconut shrimp and oysters on the half shell.  It was the perfect dinner choice for a party of three sisters.

After our bellies were full, we headed over the border toward home in RI.  Dropping Carolyn off first, we said our good nights and wishes of a great nights sleep because the following day was also going to be time well spent.

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

A bittersweet day ahead of us.  Stephanie's flight home is this evening.  Since her airline doesn't fly into RI, we had a road trip to New York to do.  This was perfect...more quality visiting time.  After all, we hadn't seen Stephanie since her wedding 10 years ago!  And away we went.

A while into the trip, I started feeling hungry but didn't say anything.  I wasn't "starving".  About ten minutes after I felt my stomach growl, Stephanie said, "I'm starving!". (yippee!!)  Stephanie is the "techie" of the three of us.  She had all the go go gadgets in her bag.  So, she pulled out her smart phone and told Siri she was hungry.  Siri told us of a diner called Chip's to try.  So we did.  The place was packed!  Good sign.  The line into the restaurant moved surprisingly swift.  The staff definitely has it together there!  We were seated and had coffee in hand in about ten minutes.  The food was delicious and the people were so friendly.  If you find yourself in Orange, CT with a hunger for good food fast....try Chip's.  The link is here on the right side bar.  So with bellies once again full and more stories under our belts, we were hitting the highway.

Stephanie was my co-pilot on our journey to the airport with directions in hand.  Carolyn was our Miss Daisy.  We made our way into the short term lot and headed into the terminal.  You know that feeling you get when you have an appointment with the dentist or doctor?  The one where you know you have to do this and yet, you don't want to.  That was the feeling I got as we walked toward the building.  I love my family and it brings tears to my eyes to send them off.  Although we made many "reunion" promises and knew we would be seeing each other again soon, it still tugged at my heart strings. 

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